When we formed our company, we wanted to offer our customers “something extra,” something that goes beyond what they would find.We settled on a simple slogan

“We Find Value.”

Value Service Limited, we take the headaches out of real estate, think of us as your aspirin for your property issues:  rental, management, purchases.

Tenants come & go but like your property, Value Service Limited wants to always be around as your property savior.  We are here to make your life easier.  We will solve your property issues.  Whether to find a plumber, find your new tenant / buyer, need a lawyer?  Extraordinary service is our goal.

We are driven to make your experience “special” by adding value to you.  Value is not lost, it just takes a special company to find it for you.

Everyone has time to search property, but not everyone has the time to search for more options, or to manage it, and that is where Value Service Limited comes in.

Looking for an office for rent / apartment for rent ? Value Service Limited takes the property searching out of your hands, so you can free them up for what’s important, like playing with your children.  We will source it for you according to your needs.

Value Service Limited goal will expand our services into:  Lifestyle products, Food & Beverage, Education. Because helping others is our business. “ We Find Value “ and bring it to you.

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